Why is titanium a solution against jewelery allergies?

Titanium is an inert and biocompatible metal. It is used inside the body for joint replacements, surgical implants, heart valves, and more, because it is totally resistant to body fluids.

Therefore, titanium can be the perfect choice if you are sensitive to alloys and metals.  

Our titanium jewelery does not contain nickel. We only use commercially pure titanium (CP2 category). This titanium does not contain any alloys, unlike other fashion earrings. Even gold or silver earrings can be problematic for some people (see “nickel allergies”).  

However, be careful when choosing a titanium piece of jewelery. Many suppliers use this term to identify the color of a piece of jewelery. It can also be a titanium-based alloy. Sometimes an earring will have a titanium rod, but the “pad” will be made of stainless steel.  

So be sure to always buy 100 percent pure titanium jewelery. Titanium is more expensive to buy, which is why few suppliers use it.

Our titanium jewelery has been tested in collaboration with very allergic women. All of them (100 percent) were able to wear jewelery again thanks to this metal (see testimonials at the end of the document).

Some studies estimate that 0.6 percent of the population may be allergic to titanium, which is a very low prevalence.

If you have experienced strong reactions in the past, titanium may be the answer to your allergy problem. However, be sure to follow the recommendations here so the transition goes smoothly.