How to start wearing earrings again

If you experienced any jewelery allergies in the past, the skin is probably damaged in the pierced area.

You will therefore need a period of rehabilitation and healing so that the skin can rebuild a healthy layer.

The earrings we offer contain no allergens and as such, they can be used safely to accompany you in your steps to wearing jewelery again (see “why is titanium a solution to jewellery allergies?”).

Thеrе аrе two wауѕ you can gо about this:

        1. Do some tests over a few days to get used to wearing earrings again. This method works well if your allergies are not too intense and you constantly use nonallergenic earrings. If in the meantime you wear ordinary earrings, you will damage the pierced area again. This method worked in the majority of cases for our tests in collaboration with very allergic women. It may sometimes take a few days before the reactions disappear. It is important to do this at your own pace.
          2. You can follow a proven method by wearing these earrings 24 hours a day. When this method is used, it promotes a complete recovery of your allergies. You will receive the method to follow with the purchase. It is a very simple method, but it does require daily care for a few weeks. This method aims to allow you to wear earrings again without any reaction.  

              In both cases, we suggest you throw or give away your old earrings. If you are good at working with your hands, some jewelery may be modifiable with our accessories.

              You will have to choose carefully your jewels in the future and avoid the products that cause problems.