Stainless steel is better, but . . .

A lot of stainless steel jewelery is identified as being hypoallergenic. And indeed, many people have solved their allergy problems caused by jewelery thanks to this metal.

For other people, though, stainless steel does not solve the allergy problem, and they also end up with reactions when they wear this kind of jewelery.

The culprit is probably the nickel that is present in stainless steel. Many people believe that stainless steel is nickel-free, but most stainless steel alloys (even surgical stainless steel) contain 8 to 12 percent nickel. On the other hand, stainless steel retains nickel molecules better, and that is why many people are fine with stainless steel jewelery.

If you are allergic to stainless steel, maybe our nickel-free solutions will suit you. Otherwise, biocompatible metals such as titanium would be the preferred option.