Metal allergies: solutions

The best way to put an end to this type of allergy is to stop wearing jewelery or other items that cause you to experience apparent and/or painful reactions. Some people may believe that if they keep wearing the piece of jewelery, the skin will eventually “get used to it.” On the contrary, if it keeps coming back, the irritation may become more virulent, and cause more pain than the first time it appeared.

If you keep wearing jewelery that causes reactions, you keep hurting your skin, and it will take it longer to re-adapt to jewelery that may be suitable for you. Moreover, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist in the event of a strong and prolonged reaction.

Some over-the-counter sprays will protect your skin when sprayed on the metal, as it will not come into direct contact with the source of the allergy anymore. Another less expensive solution is to put clear nail polish on your jewelery.

However, these solutions are temporary and will never replace a hypoallergenic piece of jewelery, adapted to your skin.

If you have suffered from allergic reactions in the past, it is possible to wear jewelery again as long as you choose your shop carefully before making a purchase and as long as you know your allergies well.